Greedy blood guzzling mobile phone companies

Sucking the life and fortune out of me

Malicious trickery

Conniving, sadistic

Oxygen starving


Sly, hidden charges

Lying in wait, like murderers for their next

Victim of terms and conditions

On the end of the telephone for

Hours and hours

Repetitive audio saturated migraine

Pumping me up into a furious rage

Only to be smothered with

Sarcastic courtesy

Parrot fashion arse dribble, from

Some pimply prick with

Badly feigned interest, you

Law twisting keepers of hell

How you can sleep at night

While innocent consumers lie

Haemorrhaging in the streets

Dependent, needy, trusting you

Merciless scoundrels

Riders of Mordor

Pimping and pushing

Debit card dipping and stealing

Insufferable, lurking hyenas, out

Scavenging the pockets of honest

Hard-working people, you

Amoral toerags

Inflating, inflating, inflating

Faster and higher than a hot air balloon

Pirating, looting

Violating all things good and true

Defecating on social dignity

Shameless and gluttonous

Perverse operations

And all behind the fake, plastic

Gradient blues and white guise of