The sky shines a paradise blue

Streaks of soft white laughter parade along the runway

Faint glimpses of the trumped moon

A hint of her sacred mysterious relationship with the fiery heart

The red train pauses temporarily

As if reclining in an out stretched chair after a hard day’s work

Sitting patiently, then vanishing silently

In the blink of a squinting eye

The gentle hush of the early afternoon

The blossom leaves rustling in conversation

With the mild-mid-summer breeze

Little more than a new baby’s sigh

Hear the sweeping of the yard brush

Two fences to my right

Systematically purifying itself

With the routine “tap-tap, tap-tap”

There is a momentary jarring

From next door’s cutlery

A call to the hungry care-free mouths

Of their eleven children

The paradise is fractured with aeronautic hums

And  mechanical pumping

And images of smiling people beaming

At their common destination

The silken lady parades in her nightdress

Delicately pegging her fresh linen

On the low bouncing line

Nimble fairy fingers

And juniper smile

I shake off my slippers

In resistance to the sticky heat

But the burning flags bite sharply

At my bare soles

And if not for the sudden yapping of dogs

I might linger a little longer

But their intolerable yelps

Drive me back

Past the forgotten bin bags

The pots and pans

And old rusty barbecue

Into the half shadows and coolness of the kitchen

Where a fat woodlouse greets me nervously.


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