The wall will not be falling down

But makes living easier on the ground

Though there’s suspicion all around

And the people are too proud

To cast their eyes down in the crowd

And the natives aren’t allowed

To cross the land where they have ploughed

But have been driven to the fringes

Of a country on its hinges

About to rupture with a fire

Sending fumes of hatred higher

And the people on their bones

Armed with only sticks and stones

Beg for liberty and peace

And the right to live at least

As equals on their land

And not to turn at their command

Others scorn the whip of fiends

A vicious rule by ruthless means

To keep the underdog below

The ones with guns because they know

That faith is stronger than the sword

And there is hope amongst the hoards

Of those who know blood will be shed

A few would happily be dead

Than to be living under thumbs

Of blinded men with ready guns

The question always falls so hard

“What of the children who are scarred?”

The poisoned tongues of people old

The hardened grudges that they hold

To curse the innocent and mild

To grow in hatred from a child

Into an adult of the same

With no respect and nought but blame

And each believing they are right

And that’s the purpose of the fight

And if the children take the place

Of those who brought them to this race

Then they will never understand

That one and all can share this land

Naïve to think this may come soon

But if the infants never knew

The past which they are not a part

Allowed to think just from their hearts

And let the future be

A new start.