Daddy not happy with me,

I paint, I like to write poetry,

That convent school turned me into a lesbian,

He thinks,

Did the P.E. teacher molest you?

He asks,


I reply,

I’m just a bad catholic,

He decides,

When are you going to get a proper job?

He repeats,

Frowning at my vegan food,


Daddy not happy with me,

I dropped out of law school to

Be an artist,

Pierced my nose,

Dyed my hair pink,

What will the neighbours think?

He says,

I’ve told everyone you’ll be a solicitor,

He shakes his head in disbelief,

Yet another embarrassment,

I perceive,


Daddy not happy with me,

My little brother’s a doctor now,

He’s bad at sport but that doesn’t count,

He’s handsome and going to marry a nurse,

They’ll have a perfect family one day,

I never thought I would live to say

I envy his simplicity, because,

Whatever I do,

Daddy not happy with me.