Used piece of old leather

Dragged along the pavement

For years

I thought you were my friend

So very well deceived I was

Your secret confidante

Loyal advisor

Meeting in the cloisters

Over the bridge

Telephone calls at midnight

Tea and cake in hidden cafes

Always buying for me

So much tea and then

I find out you are a coffee drinker

Fraudulent lies

Carefully crafted spider’s web

Coming back to old haunts

To play squash but not

With me, no more tea

No more non-PC jokes

Ducking and diving

From the eyes of old

Bits of leather from your

Years gone by before I

Came along to wear and tear

A new trick to try

You promised you would never

Make me cry, remember?

They all saw it coming as

The weatherman sees the clouds

Predicting the rain

But my free spirit is trusting

A delicate flower once said

Tried to protect me from

A cunning snake that operates

Under the gown of dusk on

Ancients flags

Contemplating triplet

Names and mind games

Sick headed phoney now making

A sneaky Nazi escape to Northern lands

Ulterior plans

You do not belong here

Lingering like a bad odour

I will be glad when all trace and

Memory of you is gone

For the friend I thought I had

Died a long time ago on the

Lawn with a picnic basket in one hand

And a cheeky affection for life

In the other

And I miss that person

Whom you invented and then so brutally


(People say you’re a psychopath

But I suppose you have the right

Advisor now for that).