Spying on me

Checking my movements on LinkedIn

Not even attempting to conceal your identity

I see, three times in one week!

Still working for my ex-ex-employer

You sad cat

Creepy HR officer


Tracing my footsteps

Through the bright, crooked

Debt lined streets of


Down the music alleys

Around the art galleries

Independent magazines is where I’ve been

Discussing Picasso and drag queen opera

Creepy HR officer


Why are you so fascinated by my comings and goings?

I know life is so dull for you in that

Sad little office, cooped up

Clucking like hens with the salivating

Rabid, gossip hounds of yesteryear

You are the people who live in a world of beige and grey

I will teach you a new word today: technicolour

Creepy HR officer


Have the balls to write to me some time

If you ever discover the meaning of anything

When I don’t hear from you, rest assured

I am not having sleepless nights

But have long turned out the lights

On your self adulating “gatekeepers”

Classical brown nosing, through 175 brochures

Creepy HR officer


I am almost embarrassed for you and that

Dip-dyed hippopotamus

But I might just laugh instead, for what it’s worth.