Blue solid sailor’s trunk

Triple locked with golden buckles

And silver studs on

Jet black leather

Proud and square

Firm and strong

It has been so long since

It cast its iron grip on me

Telling tales of darker days

Far gone spent

Away from home


In a place depersonalized

Cardboard cutout

Darkened dorms

Obscured norms

And shadows in the rooms

At night

To wake, to work

To pray, to eat, to sleep

Too heavy is the weight now

Ten years on and barely

Holding back the tears of

Seven years in isolation

Memories haunt me like a shadow

I am of them

They pursue me now

In this life, new

Where I thrive

In the light of

Love of friends I have

But still

When lights go out and dreams

Turn sour, then comes the hour

When emotions past

Suppressed come back

To strangle me

In the dark

In my sleep

There the shadows lie in wait

And suffocate the air in me

Till morning breaks the spell

And sunlight scares the grieving

Mind, but rest, my dear

Not there you are, but here

Amongst your friends

Where shadows of the past dare

Not to prowl, so rest

My dear, my friend.