Marchmont Street

You are my vegan Bohemia

Drenched in white sunlight

My yellow San Francisco sweater

Scented tree lined pavement

From dusty secondhand bookshops

To health food labyrinths

Quaint coffee shop aromas

Mediterranean lunch houses

Fresh bread and herbs

Hanging sweetly in the air


Quiet gardener woman planting

Begonias at the side of the kerb

Splashes of red, yellow and purple on the street

Where eyes meet and hearts

Bond in love over shared blurbs


Multicoloured plastic

Buckets and spades and

Last minute holidays in tropical places


Marchmont Street

How I have reclined and indulged in your

Sumptuous chocolate cake paradise

Two full years at your continental door

Have left a warm, yellow, sun soaked

Stain on my heart

To be revisited some time

Soon, I hope, with a chilled

Elderflower pressé and

Parasol on the corner.