Sacred walls of history

Painted windows

Purest echoes of

Boyhood tones

Dancing up through

High arches

Jumping beads off

Stone flags

Tudor gothic temple

Majestic, facing the sun

Overlooking grazing cows

Tranquil fields, quiet river

Tower of calm in a

Bustling market place of

Chinese photographers and

Spanish school children and

Thousands of bicycles

Romantic city of

Dreams and possibilities

How my memories ache for

One last kiss of your

Rose tinted lips at a

Summer garden party

Stained with the taste of

Fresh strawberries

Cucumber sandwiches on pristine

Green lawn, surrounded by daffodils

Admiring the ducks

Entertained by the boat race

Cheering on the rowers

Warmed by the loving sun

Feeling as safe and

Free as an angel

On the softest cloud in heaven.