Listen to the radio,

Sell me this,

Sell me that,

Murders, muggings, house fires,

Discounted electric stores closing down,

Weather forecasts,

Health warnings,

14 night cruises for over 55s,


Listen to the radio,

Saccharine pop says “kiss me,

I’m wearing a raspberry thong”,

Pulsating electrical rhythms,

Erotically charged,

Molestic neural connections,

Robotic chaos, repetitive,

Vomit on repeat prescription,


Listen to the radio,

Huddled round a camping stove,

Trying to keep warm,

In winter,

In spring,

In summer,

In autumn,

Heavy rain soaked yard,

Buying gardening implements,

Landscaping, hyacinths, geraniums,

Waterproof timber varnish for all

Great British seasons,


Listen to the radio,

Blue veins, toes curled,

Hunched shoulders,

Ticking clock,

Counting down the hours,

Till I can return to my benzo bed,

Hot water bottle tightly gripped,

Foetal position,

Hugging myself,


Listen to the radio,

Cocktail of fat,

Hairy, euro bollocks,

Will we? won’t we?

Chanting “stronger,

Safer, better off”,

Sitting comfortably in a pile of faeces,

In the middle of an arsenic lined room,

Quietly waiting for Armageddon.