Humiliating interrogation

Emotionally naked

Subjugated, before a triumvirate of

Psychologically lethal

Yet able bodied

Power tripping “people”

In a manner of speaking

She with the strawberry blonde

Afro and bullet proof stare

Not even pretending to care

Burning holes in me

Raw flesh

Preparing her case for my


Crimes against disability

Nazi inspired theorists

Spouting hypotheses based on a twisted

Game of heads, shoulders, knees and toes

But, Sir, I have no knees

My legs, blown off in Afghan

Still, if you had knees

Would you be able to touch them?

No, Sir, because I have no arms

They went too with the bomb

Still, imagine you did, how far could you reach?

Well, I think…

I think…


Mr Smith (aside looking through notes)

He claims to have PTSD, apparently

Mr Smith, please cooperate

Your time is up

The examination is over

Mr Smith, one of our guards will escort you

To the cliff

Mr Smith, if you need any assistance

The decision is final

We are just doing our jobs

Heil David!