Streetwise eyes stare out at me

And all the hope that was to be

Is washed away with misery

And people with no dignity

And statues of civility

Are falling

As sure as moon is bright

And black is opposite from white

And noon is halfway through the day

And June is quick to follow May

That thieves and liars are here to stay

To rob the country

And the laws by which we live

By which we cast our judgement with

That send the protesters to jail

And let the murderers out on bail

And keep the scroungers on the floor

That don’t pay taxes

Ignore the people on the street

With scabs and blisters on their feet

And those who don’t accept defeat

But persevere to make ends meet

And still they’re met with sneers

And tongues of poison

If a man can steal a life

Down an alley with a knife

With no reason or remorse

And is sentenced by our laws

To two years but does eight months

And with justice still undone

But it all comes down to one

Thing that’s called money

Make the rich men tell how many of them have bought their freedom.

Or else, streetwise eyes are closing.