Down in the yard looking at the train line

The blue flag in the distance waves beating on time

And the tired hum of songbirds and the bees round the washing line

See the sun almost sinking playing tricks on the horizon

The sky breaks a fissure where the pink glow protrudes

Where the clouds stand speechless like a curtain round the universe

And the smoke lines of airplanes drag like tear tracks while new trains

Skirt like electric flames past my eyes

The feathers in the trees you hear but are disguised by the leaves

And all that stings is at your feet where the shadows start to meet

And all that’s dead is on the floor where society’s scrapings crawl

And my rain begins to fall down the cracks of next door’s wall

If I could understand and extrapolate who I am

And try to live and not to be without pretending I’m not me

I’d have my head that’s filled with sand in the palm of my left hand

As for the others I don’t care whether they are here or there

As long as I’m not standing still not sitting down not looking round

Over my shoulder, o’er the gate, o’er the fence where scoundrels wait

To roll their eyes from head to toe to wag their tongues to and fro

‘Can I help you?’ they say ‘No’

So I turn my feet to go try to remind myself I’m right

As this place shrinks into the night

While birds are flying all around and I am crippled by the sound

Of itchy thoughts that cram my brain the unsaid words that still remain

This place it ain’t for me I know and so I’m destined now to go

To find an ocean not a pool escape the suffocating fool

Smash the chains around my mind and hope to see what I can find

Perhaps misery is the prize Pandora’s box holds no surprise

Whereas money told the lies it lined your pockets and your eyes

But then your pockets fell apart your eyes slammed shut

And in the dark you’re standing naked not a quid nowt to bargain nowt to bid

And doubt descends upon your brain the whys and wherefores still remain

‘How the hell did I get here?’ someone whispers in your ear

You replied ‘the same as me’ we cut our ties with destiny

Threw our food back in its face chose to roam from place to place