I see your disguise as in a mirror of myself

It is pale and I am its paler victim

I have cried away all of my tears

Just let me go I say to the mirror

But it holds my gaze like a cursed memory

I see my face hanging on by threads

My cheeks full of regret

G-d help me!

You need me said the mirror

I am your destruction and on me you depend

Yes I said

Please don’t look at me

I have no more hope to give you

My heart has stopped beating too

But I am not dead

You won’t let me die will you

No said the mirror

Because I am life’s ultimate cruelty

What you see in me is what you hate in yourself

I fixed my eyes on beneath my gaze

What more do you want from me

I have nothing to give you

It was a long time ago that I really knew myself

And all that has passed is a long line of absent feelings and misplaced thoughts

And now in front of this mirror I don’t know who I am

I know I am in parts

That no longer fit together

My mirror can’t see my face

But it can see what’s hidden beneath it in my soul

All the darkness that has never known light

And this is the way it is

And this is the way it always will be

For as long as my mirror continues to imprison me

I will continue to be its irrevocable slave.