Imagine a heart so bold and so heavy that heaves against the turbulent soul and eats the thoughts of the tortured mind.

Organised cruelty. That’s the hero of the ones who torment themselves with hopes of success, no matter how thick, no matter how thin.

And they are happy to let you be lonely. Let your mind eat out your heart. Until the very last morsel is chewed up and spat. Spat into the grave. But never rotting. Forever hanging. Hanging like an angry memory.

Don’t struggle in the blank bare room. The lamp above you is so intense it burns through your eyes from the pupils in with a violent ache between opposite sides of your half cracked skull.

The window I stare through gets darker and darker with each passing day. The dirt of the city clings to the scuffed pane unwashed by the rain. Oh seething metropolis! Swallow me up into your grey misery and let me die in your shame.