I catch the words from your down-turned mouth in handfuls

A hundred eyes pressure me into thinking big

I breathe in small thoughts and keep a watch for any left turns going down a right sided street

How do I compare to the man who died in the dust?

His grey shirt hanging off his burnt back, working like a dog

I would eat the wood of my guitar if I thought it would turn me into a musician

How could they ever have controlled you?

Those souls that truly didn’t own you

My hands ache with my mind so heavy I can barely keep it any longer

My ears bleed with these words words words

Speak of sacrifice

Speak of denial

Speak of courage

Life is easy for the dead

Contemplating misery in their graves

Spare me this suffering


Dare to deny me this music and I’ll rip out my own heart and yours with brutal hands

And sorry is one thing I won’t be

And sorry is one thing I won’t be

You break me from the inside

I know you from the outside only

Red lusts down your highway at raps at your door

Meet me in the shadows and let us go home

Dance with me ‘neath the moon

Bring me your ink pen and paper

Write me to keep forever if you leave

Demons cross my path at night

I call your name but it disappears into the twilight

See me cowering in front of this menacing universe

Begging it not to suffocate me unjustly

I am drying the tears of the years I adored you

My darling from the barren land of the free

You don’t like it here and I know you don’t love me