Dears dead and gone

I look upon

You are an ancient symbol of who we used to be

Your cheeks are indefinite and your eyes are tightly knotted together

Your hair is tidily swept back

Yet your face may be rotting beneath its wafer thin skin

We buried your riches like the ocean’s hidden treasures

Pearls that once paraded about your neck

Jewels that once proudly swung from your ears

We adored you we did

We adored your curling laughter and your acerbic remarks

Your voice like barbed wire cut through the air and all tongues froze

I feel a fondness befriending me. And I am fascinated how

When left to stew it is an awe that memories do not become as bitter as the day they were born

Your gorgeous perfume that once clung to your skin

Is long forgotten

And now all that remains is that pungent, rancid smell of decay

That harasses our nostrils and makes our eyes water beads of tears

For you are all dead, my dears.