A rag and bone man with purple eyes

Came wheeling his horse cart ‘neath heavy skies

And he said to me “Darling do you realise

That I have not always been poor

I was just like you once before”


I studied his face and his lips were blue

The skin on his cheeks was transparent too

He told me a secret I never knew

Then he left in the blink of an eye

Where I stood paralysed by the sky


I filled up my pockets then looked away

And saw Shakespeare was writing a brand new play

On an old cardboard box filled with dirt and hay

His pen cocked in his hand like a gun

He caught my eye then decided to run


A sailor’s son with a merry smile

Rode a motorbike home for a quarter mile
Said to a girl that was hanging on

To the back of his jacket and jeans

You can never be safe on machines


But I just replied that you never know

When it’s whose time to come and whose time to go

And that life couldn’t possibly be a show

Then he turned making fists on the air

Ditched the girl with the burgundy hair


I walked for a while further down the road

And stopped by a bar where all strangers go

But the bar was a stage and I didn’t know

There was Shakespeare giving out lines

And he chased me for wasting his time


So I went to a café with neon lights

The day was beginning to fade into night

But everything inside was out of sight

And all that I heard in the room

Were deep voices of peril and gloom


The waitress was dressed as Elizabeth

From the Jane Austen book Pride and Prejudice

And nobody here even noticed

That she was indeed born a boy

And that’s why she’s deceptively coy


The circus rolled in from out of town

The joker, the juggler, the sorry clown

But his smile was not real only painted on

And the tears that he cries he’s not fakin’

And you know that you all are mistaken


A crier rang  bells and declared the news

The country’s on fire and they’re banning booze

And they’ve found a dead body but I don’t know whose

So you better get out of here fast

Before the whole town goes up in  blast


The vigilante groups and the terrorists

Set fire to the houses of parliament

And the whole city burned to the ground

And there was nobody walking around

Except the ragman, myself and the clown


Who told me I’d need a solicitor

That it’s pointless to try and live outside the law

But I wished that he’d told me this thing before

I traded my passport with ramblers

And took up with a couple of gamblers


The solicitor’s office was empty now

And the law books were eaten by a dairy cow

But nobody could explain when or how

Without sneezing and swallowing pauses

And the milk now pours out in clauses


I knew then and there that I shouldn’t have come

The people were crazy and I’ve have to run

I saw a boat facing the sinking sun

So I ran like a bullet to the bay

But the boat was just sailing away


I took off my shoes and fell on the ground

Where I prayed with all hope that I might be found

But my prayer was disturbed by an engine sound

There was the boat coming back to the bay

So I boarded with no ticket to stay


I went looking for the captain to ask him where

The boat was bound for and when we’d get there

But the captain was gone and the deck was bare

So I took up the wheel in my hand

And went in search of the next piece of land