We are forever waiting and wailing

Turning our faces away from the truth

Much has happened since the last time we met

And our swords and pistols we drew


The rain of unmade plans so graciously did fall

And we enjoyed their fruitful birth

To conquer everything that’s yours

And repossess the earth


The people stand on picket lines

While we all crash and burn

And corruption sails between our thoughts

And our backs on it we turn


There came to you and angel love

That you did put away

The scorch of stigma sears those who ask

What was it I heard you say?


We know tomorrow will be today

And yesterday we wept

They thieved our dreams in muted hours

From the pillows where we slept


They christened you in blinded ocean

Where the sun caressed your back

Your eyes were stinging salty holes

As your brain they tried to rack


The slaves are building visions

Of a country laced with gold

With trees that bear the sweetest fruit

Their hands will never hold


Forget the ladder, forget the rope

Forget the knife, the spoon, and fork

We loved the world we grew to hate

When we heard our leaders talk


Selfless is a fragile child

Of the brute of Mother Earth

Proud and arrogant we must pretend to be

In the dystopia to which we gave birth


We agonised over broken dreams

And shattered hopes strewn on the floor

And the lies we tell become the truth

For us to comfort and reassure


When blessed discontentment reigns

And ping pongs through our mind

Where mental space is on credit loan

What is it we expect to find?


The damned, the dead, the disillusioned

On the beaches where we roam

Where the map and compass were pawned at sea

So there’s no chance of getting home


We championed ourselves and cut our losses

And bade our last defiled goodbyes

With chaos, corruption and civil rights exposed

They came to ask us the hows and whys


Defend you captain and defend you ship

From wicked pirates out at sea

Where was it you said that you wanted to go?

And who was it you wanted to be?


We found ourselves with a luxury fever

On the edge of something to win

But we gambled too hard and lost all that we own

Except our meretricious grin


We mumbled under our last dying breath

Words fade as from our lips they fall

And someone whispered in our ear it was all a big joke

That we never really lived our lives at all